5 interesting facts about air travel. Did you know?

  • That air travel is one of the fastest types of freight. Despite this, air transport accounts for only 0.5% of all international traffic in the world.;
  • With the largest aircraft in the world Ukrainian production Antonov An-225 Mriya was built in 1988. Its length – 84 meters, carrying capacity – 640 tons, wingspan – 88 meters;
  • That for the year around the world on average transported about 52 million tons of cargo. It’s like 88,000 An-225 aircraft;
  • With the world’s busiest cargo terminal since 2016, it is located in Memphis, USA (Memphis International Airport). Until recently, the port in its place was considered the busiest terminal to be the cargo terminal of the airport in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Airport);
  • With almost all the cargo that is transported by air in Ukraine, processed at 8 airports in the country. The annual volume of air cargo is about 45 thousand tons.

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