5 interesting facts about rail container shipping. Did you know?

  • That rail freight is the most reliable, inexpensive and safe form of transportation;
  • That in Ukraine there are 6 railways (Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, South, South-West, Dnieper), which unite all the regions of our country;
  • What if the driver of a heavy freight train tries to start its motion sharply forward, the train may not budge, as the total restriction force exerted by the rail on the wheels of the car exceeds the slip force of the driving wheels of the locomotive;
  • That Ukraine has an extensive network of railways with an annual capacity of at least 600 million tons of cargo, including over 100 million tons of transit;
  • That by rail can carry almost any type of cargo – from bulk materials to food. The cost of rail freight is quite small due to the very high load capacity.

You need to carry a heavy load in a container in Ukraine, but you can not correctly calculate the tariff?
Our close interaction with representatives of “Ukrzaliznytsia” and knowledge of their business will help you in this matter.


Transportations of large-capacity containers
on fitting platforms
Packaged cargo transportation,
household goods
Food transportation
Carriage in wagons with maintenance
temperature conditions
Bulk cargo transportation in hopper cars,
cement trucks, mineral wagons
Transportation of raw materials in open types of cars
Railway from China to Ukraine for 21 days

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rail freight


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