5 interesting facts about container shipping. Did you know?

  • That container shipping makes up 90% of all shipments in the world;
  • That one container ship can transport 18,000 containers at a time. These are about 745 million bananas that can be fed to the whole of Europe and even remain a little longer;
  • That shipping is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation. A ship from China to Europe consumes less fuel than road transport from Kiev to Lviv;
  • With the largest and deepest port of Ukraine – the port “Yuzhny” – provides transshipment of the third part of all cargo passing through domestic ports – 42.702 million tons. At present, “Yuzhny” is the only port in the Black Sea-Azov basin, which is able to receive vessels with a carrying capacity of over 200 thousand tons and a maximum draft of 18.5 m;
  • That out of 13 Ukrainian seaports over 10 million are handled. Container cargoes dominate in the port of Odessa, they account for 35% of the total cargo turnover of the port.

Do you need to carry a full 40-foot container of beach umbrellas or a small part of the accessories in the groupage? Or maybe your cargo goes beyond the standards and you need a project transport? Do not waste time on the calculation of sea fares, search for auto transport or obtaining permits, because we are professionals in our field.


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Transportation of oversized transport
Container Shipping (LCL)
Port Forwarding
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Delivery of containers in Ukraine
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