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Sea shipping allows implementing a worldwide delivery. “Direct Line” company in Odessa helps to select a container for your goods and takes care of the best cost and preparation of documents, to deliver your cargo on time to the destination.


The main activity of the company – sea container shipping in Odessa, it is a cargo processing any points throughout the world. A multi-year experience and excellent contacts with partners give an opportunity to work on the optimal tariffs for the sea shipping and get the exclusive rates. This cooperation with main sea liner companies, while the volumes of annual transportations allow receiving the most profitable suggestions compared to its competitors. Our managers may select the most optimal price of the sea shipping, through the appropriate compilation of shipping route and optimization of expenses. We attach great importance to our customers, should it be a private person or a company, professional stuff will provide the encouraging environment for a favorable partnership. The freight rates for the sea shippings may be different, depending on the company. Dealing with Direct Line you will obtain the great quality at reasonable rates!
This is a financial benefit and minimal expenses of time, well the most efficient itinerary will be selected. You will be pleasantly surprised with the price of the container’s freight. We are ready to cooperate and we are waiting for your calls, and requests.


The part of Economy of the country depends on the export of grain products; basically it pertains to grain crops and lumbers. The company provides the full set of services for export of grain products at the best price. The grain for export from Ukraine differs by its’ quality, therefore there is need in careful transportation. What matters here is a tightness of container, humidity and temperature, which ought to be considered upon export of corn and other crops. The company considers the peculiarities of delivery and shipping by sea, will individually select the best option for each customer. Among of grain crops the most distributed has an exporting of wheat, barley, sunflower and also corn. Upon the right conditions these crops withstand long-distance transportations with no change of properties. It is well known, that the price of wheat for export from Ukraine is affordable, the crop is desirable in another countries and the demand goes up annually.


Direct Line — logistic company of Odessa, which deals with organization, receipt of certificates, helps with clearance of documents and freights on time, due to the great work experience. Significant advantages are individual forwarding bays, where the freight may stay for the necessary time up to the moment of product shipment. Whether it be a timber export from Ukraine or a grain export to China, our experts will complete all the documents on the highest level, and your partners will receive container on time. This is one of many privileges of container sea shippings, which company deals with for many working years, we guarantee high reliability and maintainability, please advise us!
International shipping by sea has wide popularity in Ukraine, and the equipped sea ports of Ilyichevsk and Odessa receive vessels for 24 hours a day. The transportation takes from 30 days and moreover, but it finds excuses in high reliability and considerable price. The delivery by sea from USA and China to Ukraine is considered the most in-demand; it allows supplying the goods of the world quality. The company occupies of accompanying documentation and provides the related services of international quality. Shipping of cargo by sea to Ukraine are topical and its’ quantity increases annually, so hurry up to use the Direct Line’s company services!


Direct Line is an international transport and expedition company; it is occupied of expediting for private clients and enterprises. There is no need any more to worry about unloading /uploading, security and shipment status. High quality of freight expediting consists of escort, safety position and safekeeping.
The intra- port expediting at Odessa seaport is led by a product-oriented staff, which will take care of a safety to the arrival endpoint. At the time of order the expediting services you receive a full package of works, necessary for secure and fast shipping.
Herewith, the expediting price of shipment is quite available in Ukraine. It justifies itself fully and allows saving the cost and time.
Also, expediting company of Odessa will take care of required services passage, after a container’s reaching of the endpoint. Our personnel will take care of accompanying transport-expediting documentation, and you do not need to visit extra organizations and waste time.
The company acts in the capacity of expeditor, stipulates the contract with client about shipping of goods. An Agreement for the expediting services includes logistics, and conclusion of a freight contract with a ship-owner and consultations in accordance with rules. Transport Logistics and freight expedition are managed by the company, during transportation by rail. It is important to remember, however, that there can be several shipments and carriers, during the freight shipping to the place of consignment. In no time –within one day will be led the transport forwarding for further movements.
Availability of transport expedition – is concluded in shipping/carriage in minimum terms at the lowest prices and high quality. The benefits of using the expediting services in Odessa lays in a qualified preparation of documents, guarantee of passing the customs control, time -saving and key to successful transportation.
Rely on our specialists your cargo!




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