Technical import of goods – is one of the most popular and demanded services of our company. The main point of this procedure is to transfer of obligations on a purchase of needful goods abroad to the outsourcing of our company. The necessity of such service may appear if you (enterprise) do not want or cannot engage in the Foreign Economic Activity. In this case, our company will protrude for you as a counteragent and will perform all the necessary foreign economic activities.


Calculation of contract cost and volume of the customer payments on a customers’ application
Conclusion of the foreign trade contract on a customer’s application
Transportation and insurance on the way
Obtaining of permission documents on import of goods(certificates, declarations of correspondence, etc)
Customs clearance
Clearance of accompanying documents
Transfer of goods, accounting documents to the customer, according to the acting tax legislation of Ukraine
Optimization of transportation process (thereby a transport aspect in a final cost of goods is decreased )
Planning and organization of process
Monitoring of timely monetary payments (implementation of currency purchase to pay for the product value)

Head of customs brokerage
services department

Alisa Pavlova


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Technology of the technical import of goods

The foreign trade contract with a supplier of goods will be concluded for you by our company specialists. Hereafter, the goods are bought out, it is performed the delivery to the country by any convenient transport mode, it is held the clearance and obtaining the necessary permit documents. Also, it is carried out the customs clearance of goods and the payment of required customs duties. Thus, a customer can purchase the goods in Ukraine with a help of domestic sales and purchase contract in UAH with VAT payment, here with the cargo has already got the customs clearance.
In a case of technical import clearance in Kiev, Odessa or another city of Ukraine, the company clears an agents’ contract or the purchase and sales contract. These documents have more official character, which is needful for regulation of fiscal formalities.
Taking advantage of technical import service from Direct Line Company you get better terms and, above all, we guarantee the transparency at all stages of the process. Another important consideration is that the Direct Line Group of companies takes full material responsibility for provided service on the technical import.
Apply to our advisers, they will answer for all your issues and opt especially for you a profitable service package.

The statutory and regulatory regime of the relationships

Implementation of this procedure is possible due to the Direct Line Company, which represents a service of a technical import, concludes the external contract with your supplier, at the same time signs the contract of sales and purchase at the local market with your company. Having ordered the services of the technical import in our company you will receive the full set of completed documents, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
Herewith you are released from:

  • Conducting of the Foreign Economic Activity and its consequences;
  • Supporting of your personal logistics department, team of customs brokers ;
  • Communication with customs authorities and representatives of currency control;
  • All possible risks associated with the carrying out of transaction.

Applying to the specialists of Direct Line Company you can be sure of provided services high-quality, multi annual work experience allows making a deal upon the most favorable terms for a client.

More opportunities for registration of technical imports

Also, in a case of technical import in our company you obtain the possibility of:

  • Full settle of the contract price;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Receiving the full package of permission documents to import (certificates, declarations, and others);
  • Calculation of customs payments(occurs on a client’s application);
  • Drafting and conclusion of the internal contract (occurs on a client’s application);
  • Obtaining of complete calculation, related to the purchase of goods (in a foreign currency);
  • Transportation and insurance of goods on the route of their vehicles (occurs on a client’s application).

Direct Line provides a possibility of the technical import clearance on a turn-key basis, consequently you do not need to take care of production schedules, calculations, documentation, and all accompanying actions. The specialists of company advise you of all actions, which will be affected and answer all issues exercising you related to deal. Apply to the given phone numbers, also sign up for an individual consultation in offices of Kiev or Odessa. We look forward your calls!

Quality Garanty

In a case of clearance of complex of services of a technical importer, you receive reliability and guarantee for a successful holding of a process. You won’t need any more to take care of documentation, bill payments and other moments. The documents on technical import can be executed in our offices of Odessa and Kiev, for other cities are organized consultations online and by telephone. Direct Line Company suggests an optimal term, individual approach to work and the VIP service for every customer. Apply to the mentioned phone numbers and our experts will match the package of services specifically for you!




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